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fusioncharts plugin

[eluser]Mike Ryan[/eluser]

Correct - you just need to pass the chart data to a view and echo it.

Create this function in your controller:

function mychart(){
    $this->load->plugin( 'fusion' );
    $FC =  FusionCharts("Column3D","520","200");
    $arrData = array( 500, 269, 254, 895, 633);
    foreach( $arrData as $i=>$data ){
        $FC->addChartData( $arrData );
    $strParam="numberSuffix=%; formatNumberScale=0; decimalPrecision=0; xAxisName=Integrated Process Average Score; animation=1";
    $FC->setChartMessage("ChartNoDataText=Chart Data not provided; PBarLoadingText=Please Wait.The chart is loading...");
//my changes start here
    $data['chart'] = $FC->renderChart(false,false);

The most basic view would look like this:

//file: chart_test.php
echo $chart

I haven't used this plugin myself, but the above code should get a basic chart on the page... or at least an error message ;-)

If it doesn't work, post any error messages or output and I'll take a look. btw, amCharts is a nice Flash charts package, I found it very easy to integrate with CI, including some cool stuff like automatic updates via ajax.

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