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.htaccess stuff

This is for a REST API where the response content-type is requested by adding .xml or .php to the endpoint like this:

The first example works fine but for the .php, my htaccess file (posted above) is looking for the real file named categories.php.

So, I still want the index.php to be removed from the url
(http://mysite.com/index.php/api/categories) but I also need it to quit catching the .php extension for /api/categories.php and other api calls like /api/images.php.

If that isn't clear... my API controller has methods like categories() and images() and users(). I also have a __construct() and a _remap() function to pull in the query string throw errors if they have missed required parameters etc...

This is my _remap() for testing. The .xml extension works fine but the .php extension doesn't work.
function _remap($method)
    $content_type = stristr($method, '.');
        case '.php': $this->content_type = 'php'; break;
        case '.xml': $this->content_type = 'xml'; break;
        default: $this->errors[] = 1003;
    echo '$this->content_type: ' . $this->content_type . '<br/>';
    echo '$content_type: ' . $content_type;

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