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Unexpected result from DB query

To determine the location of some images, I am running this code:

$retval = array();
$retval2 = array();
$logos = array();

//Search for np companies

//Search for the company data
$retval = $this->Company_info->get_np_partnerships($company_id);

//Count the rows returned
$how_many = count($retval);

$i= 0;

//Create an array with just the Np Company IDs
while ($i < $how_many)
$logos[$i] = $retval[$i]['np_id'];


//Create a comma delimited list from the array for the SQL
$logo_list = implode(",",$logos);

//Run the SQL and return a list of Co logos
$sql = "SELECT logo_url FROM fh_np_companies WHERE np_id IN ($logo_list)";

$retval2 = $this->db->query($sql);

print_r ($retval2);

However instead of returning a list of company logos, it is returning this unexpected result:

CI_DB_mysql_result Object ( [conn_id] => Resource id #28 [result_id] => Resource id #36 [result_array] => Array ( ) [result_object] => Array ( ) [current_row] => 0 [num_rows] => 2 [row_data] => )

I know that the sql works because when I plug it into phpMyAdmin it does return the correct data. Anyone know what's going on?

Thank you, Philstan

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