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Session gets destroyed


My sessions keeps getting destroyed, e.g the user gets logged out.

I simply cannot figure out why.

Mysql data (which prob gets messed up now):
SELECT session_id, last_activity, length(user_data) FROM ci_sessions;
| session_id                       | last_activity | length(user_data) |
| 42fc1695a00dad0193ac7a6a2bfa72b1 |    1245307085 |               334 |
| 89911d917cd41556d223b5201c0d2974 |    1245307397 |               334 |
| ec1e444422ec19acff69c8d1386563f1 |    1245307397 |                 0 |

Th ip and user agent is not the problem, and the above should show that the cookie size (4kb) is not the problem.
My "ci-session-refresh-interval" is set at 300, so looking at the timestamp, it seems that it fails on the first attempt.

Normally the session works just fine, but not in this scenario:

I have a long list of images to be processed, there is not enough memory to process them all in one go, so i've made a form that, through javascript, submits itself, processes an image, submits itself, .... until its done.

From the sqldump you can se that it creates a new session_id.

From tampering a bit with the Session library, i can see that it's the session_id that (at some point) gets changed, so the session library creates a new on, meaning.. the user gets logged out.

Can anyone help point out where the problem could be, I know its a bit vague, but, hey... shoot :-)
Sincerely, Jonas

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