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Automatic templating of text files within a directory (with caching)

[quote author="BlkAngel" date="1184043776"]Hehe. The PHP manual is nothing new to me, but I was curious if there was a solution to the caching issue, since I don't want to recurse a directory with every page access. That is the real question I have.[/quote]

Yup, there is. I would definitely go with the idea of caching the directory heirarchy using a DB. I've written a class for you that does just that but before delving into the code though let me explain the DB tables that are needed. Here's the SQL I used to create them:

CREATE TABLE directory_tree (
    entry_id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
    entry_name varchar(255) NOT NULL default '',
    entry_type enum('File','Folder') NOT NULL default 'File',
    parent_id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
    PRIMARY KEY  (entry_id)

CREATE TABLE ptr_directory_tree_root (
    root_entry_id int(10) unsigned NOT NULL default '0',
    PRIMARY KEY  (root_entry_id)

Now the directory_tree table is used to store your filename and heirarchy information whereas the ptr_directory_tree_root table stores a single value and that is the ID of the row in the directory_tree table that stores the info. for the root directory.

Here's a breakdown of the fields in the directory_tree table:

entry_id - Unique ID of a single entry in the directory tree.
entry_name - The entry name (file/folder name)
entry_type - Is it a file or a folder?
parent_id - The parent folder entry id

Looks like I have too many characters in the code to fit in this post, so I'll post the code for the controller class that does the ground work immediately after this post.

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