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PyroCMS Developer Competition

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
PyroCMS is in need of a few major features that will turn it from a "fairly useful CMS" into a bloody brilliant one. The sad fact is I do not have enough time to work the 9-5 and develop every night, so many of these features have not passed (or even got to) concept form.

Being the generous and wealthy guy I am, I'm offering a huge bounty of £50 to the best working contribution to for any of the following features.

Blocks / Widgets

A Block or Widget planner would allow people to add in various boxes to their site much the same as the WordPress 2.8 release. This would allow users to add RSS feeds, link lists, recent posts, twitter comments, etc to any site and order them dynamically.

Module installer / uninstaller

Using a database table to track modules with an upload function, users could upload zipped files via an interface then click "install" which would unzip and run the install SQL.


Find a nice modular way to search content on the frontend and have results combined in an intuitive and speedy fashion.

Video module

Allow videos to be uploaded and organized by category. I was considering some integration with various API's to allow videos to be uploaded and tracked on the current server, or third-party sources such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Template Editing

Allow templates to be edited and versioned through a GUI in the admin panel with preview options. Would let admins change things without needing to call in the designers.


If the £50 was not reason enough: it will give you great experience in using Git, developing for a CMS and will get you a spot on the team if you fancy it.

The code will stored on GitHub in the project pyrocms-competition and anybody who wishes to enter can request access. Each competitor will have their own branch and any commits to the wrong place will just be reverted.

Contributions will be uploaded to http://competition.pyrocms/branchname and a vote will be taken to find a winner.

The competition deadline is August 1st, so there is plenty of time to get entries in.

All contributions will be considered for implementation but only one will win the financially life-changing first-prize.

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