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Div Conflict, Help!

Ok, am learning Code-Igniter as I edit this site I have inherited. Will go through it thoroughly after I get some changes done that need to be finished yesterday.

A table of graphics had been in the header.php making it rather difficult to see even a page change. Good for Welcome/Home, but not needed for every single page on the site. Moved table to home.php and need to change margin to what it was in header_view.php as the table is maybe one tab space(s) to the right and out of alignment with the rest of the page.

I think it might be something in division formatting this much I have figured out. The last line of header.php is:

<div id="content">

If I remove this line from header.php and place it after the table in home_view.php then the Homepage is aligned properly. WooHoo! This, of course, leaves all other pages without the <div id="content"> and formatted improperly. Have tried to drop out of the content div with </div> at the top of home.php and adding <div id="content"> after the table. No change with formatting.

Probably would work to remove <div id="content"> from header.php and put it at the top of every view php, but I am in a bit of a hurry and would rather not have to go back and remove it when I find/figure a better fix. I'm thinking something in a controller, but that would probably affect other pages.

Please folks, my CEO is getting impatient. I can go through all the learning of CodeIgniter after I get this fix done. Right now I need to make him happy. Please tell me if you need any files/code to figure a change and I'll paste them in or send them directly.

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