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I can not get <?= to work on one of my servers, any ideas why ?

[quote author="nizsmo" date="1254443615"][quote author="BrianDHall" date="1254441301"]I've run into a lot of pain with PHP 5.3 myself, with out without CI at all. My XDebug on Vista 64-bit wouldn't work no matter what I did, CI throws lots of deprecated errors about stuff I don't even understand why it would be deprecated, etc etc.

I fixed all these issues very simple - I went back to the latest version of PHP 5.2. I think a new version of CI might be needed to fully address all PHP 5.3 issues - you might consider a bug report on that one though after looking into it a bit.[/quote]

v1.7.2 of CI should fix all the compatibility issues of PHP 5.3, does it not for you?[/quote]

I upgraded to 5.3 by trying out XAMPP and copied over my current project and it threw a ton of depracated errors. I 'fixed' this by setting the ~DEPRECATED flag in my index file, but I didn't really feel good about all the errors.

I was just trying to get debugging to work so I took the easy way out and said "%*@! it".

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I can not get <?= to work on one of my servers, any ideas why ? - by El Forum - 10-01-2009, 02:28 PM

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