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few questions


I have few questions.

But first, my current situation:
- I have few years of PHP experience, small one-man projects only.
- I'm ashamed to admit, but due to laziness, I have no knowledge of OOP, so I use procedural style only.
- I never used any framework, and everything I know about MVC is what I've read in Wikipedia article.

Other side of my situation is this: I have BIG one-man project in front of me. I have 3 months to do it. And application will have to be easily maintainable by other people in foreseeable future. So I guess that spaghetti code will have to go away.

I think that this is a great opportunity for me to improve myself as a developer, so I've decided to learn OOP and some MVC framework. From what I heard, CI is easiest to learn and easiest to use -- and that gives it big advantage, because I don't have much time -- and CakePHP is more powerful, but harder to learn. So I'm choosing between CI and Cake. And I have two questions concerning PHP4 compatibility in CI:
- How does it affect PHP5 specific functions, e.g. file_put_contents()?
- Will I have to learn PHP4-style OOP (I'm too lazy to learn PHP4 OOP, if PHP4 will be dead in 2 years)?
- And, completely unrelated to previous questions: do you think that this (mastering at least basic level of OOP/CI/MVC, and then creating application, all in 3 months) is doable, or should I quit the project (and study at some slower pace)?


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