Very stuck

Hi Chris,

[quote author="Bainzy" date="1265042847"]
I am currently very stuck with implimenting the Pagination library with my code.

Is this a follow on from [url="/forums/viewthread/143916/"]this thread[/url]?

Quote:I am developing a forum and at present i have everything working correctly, however i can no think of a way of adding pagination into my scripts.

I'm not clear on what you're actually getting stuck with. Pagination's not hugely complex, once you look at a few of the tutorials and example code partials.

The principle is pretty straightforward - you get a count of the results first (including your 'WHERE' qualifier that you mentioned in the previous thread) and then you do your pagination call (perhaps not calling it if your things-per-page setting is less than the COUNT you got from that query) back to the model, passing the LIMIT and offset for the SQL call.

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