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ci shopping cart

how to store the items to the cart if the item are coming from database
here is the code of view file below which does not show me the items added to the cart.
else if($page_req=='shoppinglist') { ?>
<form action="<?=base_url()?>checkout" method="post">

<table><tr><td>Product Name </td><td>Price</td><td>Quantity</td></tr>
&lt;? foreach($this->cart->contents() as $items)


<td>&lt;? echo $items['pname']; ?&gt; </td>
<td>&lt;? } ?&gt; </td>

&lt;input type="text" name="qty"&gt;


&lt;? } ?&gt;
here is the controllers code below
else if($req=='shoppinglist')
$sqlselect="select * from shopping where id='$req'";
$query=mysql_query($sqlselect) or die(mysql_error());





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