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Installation Issues

[quote author="WanWizard" date="1281136543"]If you get 'directory access not allowed', maybe your apache config doesn't see index.php as a valid index file.
If you type http://localhost/citest/index.php, does it work?

A blank page is usually caused by a syntax error in the code, with error_reporting and/or display_errors switched off in php.ini, so you should check that as well.
On a development machine, it's wise to enable all error reporting you can find, to make sure no errors remain undetected.[/quote]

Aha that got me rolling. Turns out it wasn't an issue with CI.

Apparently since the last LTS release of Ubuntu, display_errors has changed from a default of on to being off (actually the php.ini comments say it's on by default but it was off and I just installed php in this machine and never touched the config file). My production machine is running 8.04 (haven't upgraded yet), and I specifically remember having to turn error reporting off so I just assumed it was still going to default to on with my 10.04 machine.

Turning errors on revealed that it was a permission problem with my CI files, so I got that corrected and it works fine now.

Thanks for the help!

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