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Problem with multiple browser windows open?

Hi All,

Im having a problem in codeignter where I will have two browser windows open (a & b) for the same application, and when I click a link or similar in browser a, the application goes to the correct link, but browser b becomes active instead?

This is really frustrating, and I need to get to the bottom of why this is happening...

Im not sure if that explains it properly, but im sure this is a simple fix but I cant find any information on it...?

Anyone have any ideas on what may be causing this? Would it be a session or cookie problem? Where do I start to try and fix this issue?

Also, this is happening in FF, Chrome & Safari (Have not tested in IE)


OK, so for anyone else that comes across this problem, it was a javascript file for a color picker that was causing the problem... all fixed now, knew it would be something simple lol


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