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Modular Extensions - HMVC

(11-24-2014, 08:27 PM)Osqui Wrote: Hi guys!
I'm learning PHP from scratch, I'm a self-taught. grabbed much material from CI, for example, their libraries I learned a lot.
i don't use any framework for programming. first i want to have a solid knowledge of PHP. But the other day looking for PHP tutorials I found me with this: https://bitbucket.org/wiredesignz/codeig...sions-hmvc

Apparently many people use this extension. This makes CI is safer? Because it is used?
Hopefully you can help me because it looks interesting but as I'm still learning php not understand much. Forgive my poor English.

It will not make CI safer! HMVC means that you can have a modular development. For example, say your site had a blog and a forum as well as several pages of information. You could create the blog and forums as modules so each is like a separate plugin application. You could reuse the forum module or blog module in another site that you develop in the future.

In reality HMVC can get a bit complicated and things often don't work quite how you hoped. Often it is not as simple as dropping a module into another site and have it work right away. And it's normally fairly simple to reuse your code in another development with out using HMVC.

P.S. I'm glad to hear you say, "...first I want to have a solid knowledge of PHP." That's the right way to do it. Frameworks come laterĀ  Smile

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