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htaccess issues

Hey everyone,

I'm working on removing the 'index.php' from my URLs.
It's only half working right now - hopefully somebody can help!

First off, my project is called machinev2 - and here's my file structure...
I've moved the codeigniter_system and project application folder outside of the server root for security purposes:

(other projects)

This structure allows me to keep the same codeigniter system folder for all projects
I've modified my main index.php file inside of the machinev2 directory to point to the codeigniter_system and machinev2_application directories (which of course, include the CI core, and all of my m's v's and c's!)

I followed the instructions listed here: http://codeigniter.com/wiki/mod_rewrite/ for a mod_rewrite - and I've placed the .htaccess file inside of the machinev2 folder.

It works - but it only works on my home page.

When users are not logged into machinev2 web portal, they are redirected to a login controller. Thus, with htaccess they are sent to localhost/machinev2/login.

All is good.

Now, when I click other links - for example, I have a forgot your password link that is linked to a 'forgot' controller.

When I click this, and other links - my URL craps out with index.php in it again:

How can I make the changes propagate across all controllers?

Thanks and Cheers,


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