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What am I doing wrong with PNG thumbnails?

I have just been playing with Firefox Firebug and the Page Speed addon and traced part of the slow page speed problem down to PNG thumbnails are reduced in size BUT the file size is relatively high.

PNG - ONLINE Original:
  source:     html:johns-jokes.com/afiles/images/long-time-all-night.png
  dimensions: 555 x 506 px
  file size:  34.22 kB
  file size:  100.00%

PNG - ONLINE Thumbnail produced by CodeIgniter CI2.0:
  source:     html:subdomain.johns-jokes.com/thumb/long-time-all-night_thumb.png
  dimensions: 128 x 117px
  file size:  23.50 kB
  file size:  68.67% of original
  Library:    GD2

JPG - ONLINE Original:
  source:     html:johns-jokes.com/afiles/images/long-time-all-night.jpg
  dimensions: 555 x 506 px
  file size:  37.50 kB
  file size:  100.00%

JPG - ONLINE Thumbnail produced by CodeIgniter:
  source:     html:subdomain.johns-jokes.com/thumb/long-time-all-night_thumb.jpg
  dimensions: 128 x 117px
  file size:  7.89 KB
  file size:  21.04% of original
  Library:    GD2

Thumbnail produced by CodeIgniter CI2.0:
  source:     c:/awww/subdomain/thumb/long-time-all-night_thumb.png
  dimensions: 128 x 117px
  file size:  3.08 kB
  Reduction:  9.00%  of original
  Library:    php_gd2

JPG - Thumbnail produced by CodeIgniter CI2.0:
  source:     c:/awww/subdomain/thumb/long-time-all-night_thumb.jpg
  dimensions: 128 x 117px
  file size:  9.04 kB
  Reduction:  24.11%  of original
  Library:    php_gd2

CodeIgniter CI2 Common setting:
  $config['quality']            = '88%'
  $config['image_library'] = LOCALHOST ? 'php_gd2' : 'GD2';
  $config['quality']            = '88%'
Any suggestions apart from converting all my ONLINE PNG files to JPGs?

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