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CSS Not Laoding

*edit* forget below then. Glad you figured it out.

[quote author="Richievc" date="1310759485"]Wiered Problem

Have two serves one is a Staging serving and the other is live when I move over the application over to the live sever the CSS Files do not load all tho the URL in the Soruce is corect, also check the follow: config file is correct, File are present URL is correct but styles will not load any thing I mightbe missing on why this is happening.

$this->template->add_css(base_url().'css/styles.css', 'link');
Quote:<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="http://www.mysite.com/css/styles.css" />

Works fine in staging server tho odd.[/quote]

I had this exact same problem and the solution, for me, was that I had used a wildcard in my config file
and I tried

It worked in testing/staging but not in production. All my paths looked correct and everything but I still had to hard code the url in for production and then it worked.

What template system are you using?

- Ed

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