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CI smarty templating with HMVC ?

[quote author="Aken" date="1311165254"]That's because you're only setting the value of a single variable. First you're setting it to one path, then you're changing it to another.

You will have to extend the way Smarty checks directories for files if you want it to check multiple folders. That's not really recommended anyway because what if you have two template files, in different folders, with the same name? What if you want one called, but because of the order Smarty checks, the other is pulled first?[/quote]

Hi Aken,

Thank you for your reply. I want to split CI application like this (it's possible using HMVC) :


So, we can have a separate Template for accounting user & purchasing user, after they login (because of using HMVC, so each module has separate views).

This can be done using another template engine like Phil's Sturgeon template library ?
I can't find STEP BY STEP tutorial how to make Phil's library to work, even without HMVC ... Sad

Then I need ACL to controll that purchasing user can only access 'purchasing' directory & accounting user can only access 'accounting' directory.

Any idea ?


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