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Session disappears and re-appears?

Okay, I'm scratching my head over this one so maybe some of you guys have some advice.

I built a site http://www.collegescholarships.com and I use Sessions and Erkanaauth.

When a user logs in 2 things should happen:

1. The top of the pages give a "Hi There {username)" messages and,
2. The link in the navigation that says "Find Scholarships" changes to "My Scholarships".

I thought everything was working fine, but the weirdest thing happens:

On a couple pages on the site, my session disappears. If I go to a different page it comes back!

So digging in a little further, here's the view that shows the account message:

<?php if ($this->erkanaauth->try_profile_session_login()) : ?>
  <em>Hi there, &lt;?php echo $this->session->userdata('first_name'); ?&gt;!</em>
  &lt;?php echo anchor('profiles/logout', 'Logout', array('class' => 'log_in_out')); ?&gt;    

&lt;?php else : ?&gt;
  <em>Already have an account?</em>
  &lt;?php echo anchor('profiles/login', 'Login', array('class' => 'log_in_out')); ?&gt;
&lt;?php endif; ?&gt;

And the navigation does the same:
&lt;?php if ( ! $this->erkanaauth->try_profile_session_login()) : // not logged in ?&gt;
  <li id="scholarships_link">&lt;?php echo anchor('scholarships/search', 'Find a Scholarship' . is_active_link($active_link, 'scholarships_link')); ?&gt;</li>
&lt;?php else : ?&gt;
  <li id="dashboard_link">&lt;?php echo anchor('profiles', 'My Scholarships' . is_active_link($active_link, 'dashboard_link')); ?&gt;</li>
&lt;?php endif; ?&gt;

We trace that back to the Erkanaauth library, where I have this function:

function try_profile_session_login()
  if ($this->CI->session->userdata('profile_id'))
    $query = $this->CI->db->query('SELECT COUNT(*) AS total FROM profiles WHERE id = ' . $this->CI->session->userdata('profile_id'));
    $row = $query->row();
    if ($row->total != 1)
      // Bad session - kill it
      return FALSE;
      return TRUE;
    return FALSE;

The logout function does this:

function profile_logout()
  $this->CI->session->set_userdata(array('profile_id' => FALSE));

I don't think the user is logged out since going to a new page brings the session back.

What do you think is going wrong?

It's only the homepage and maybe 3 other pages that do this. Too weird!

Here's my home/index function (one of the bad pages). You can see I'm not touching the session.

function index()
  // load the homepage
  $data['pages'] = $this->Pages_model->get_page_by_slug('homepage');

  // use our page data to populate the meta tags
  $page = $data['pages']->row();
  $data['title'] = $page->title;
  $data['description'] = $page->description;
  $data['keywords'] = $page->keywords;

  // if we're using an auto page navigation
  $data['nav_links'] = $this->Pages_model->get_pages_for_nav();

  // add in extra stuff for more keywords etc
  $data['widget_award_of_the_month'] = $this->News_model->get_all_news(FALSE, 'award of the month');
  $data['widget_news'] = $this->News_model->get_all_news(FALSE, 'news');
  // asides
  $data['asides'] = $this->Pages_model->get_all_asides();
  $data['categories'] = $this->Pages_model->get_all_categories();                
  $data['category_pages'] = $this->Pages_model->get_category_pages();
  $data['sidebar_pages'] = $this->Pages_model->get_sidebar_pages();

  // set our content type
  $data['content_type'] = 'dynamic';
  // build and send                    
  $this->load->view('templates/homepage', $data);

  // cache our homepage for faster delivery

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