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Google AJAX crawling with Codeigniters “segment” urls?


I have a website, made with CI, which makes extensive use of AJAX to load pages. Now to make this site crawlable I need to modify my links the format described by Google here.

The idea is that Google then modifies the “parentpage#!subpage” link to “parentpage?_escaped_fragment_=subpage”. The server, receiving this altered link, then sends back an html snapshot instead of the normal page. Great.

But… how can CI handle Google’s escaped fragment link? It looks like a query string, and that doesn’t play well with the segment approach as I understand it.

Granted I’m totally new to CI, so any help would be appreciated, examples would be even better wink

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Google AJAX crawling with Codeigniters “segment” urls? - by El Forum - 10-10-2011, 06:00 AM

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