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Okvee Web Start, a free Codeigniter based back-end system


I have made back-end system based on CI.
It is not CMS, it is back-end with account controlled.

-Account manager (add/edit/delete from admin; register,login,forgot password,logout,edit profile from front-end)
-Account level or account roles.
-Permission control.
-Site configuration.
-Modules (Modular extensions)
-Theme (instrad of using views, use theme folder. but you can still use views)

back-end screenshot | 'prototype of front-end' screenshot

Anyone who want to create new project with codeigniter and want account system or permission control.

You can download at http://www.okvee.net/articles/ok-vee-web-starter-kit by looking for latest version.
My webpage is Thai language but i'm sure you can easily find the download link.

1.Extract zip
2.Create database and apply application/config/database.php settings
3.Import okv-ws-freshclean-install.sql into selected database.
4.Open this database (maybe in Phpmyadmin) > go to ws_accounts > edit first account > change username and email to your desire.
5.Change configurations as you want in application/config/ [config.php, email.php, website.php]
6.Set folder permission or chmod at client/avatar

Develop inside Codeigniter's application folder
-In "site-admin", you should extend controller from admin_controller instead of CI_Controller.
-In front-end or not inside "site-admin", you should extend MX_Controller.
-Create _define_permission() method in every controller inside "site-admin" (please take a look at site-admin/account.php for sample)
-To check permission in controller/method use this code
if ( $this->account_model->check_admin_permission("", "page_name", "action1") == false ) {redirect( 'site-admin' );}

Develop inside modules folder
-Every controller that works in "site-admin" should extends admin_controller
-Create file ModuleName_admin.php extends MX_Controller and create _define_permission() method in it.
-Create admin_nav() method in ModuleName_admin.php for the menu appears in "site-admin"

Use theme
-Create theme name as folder inside client/themes folder
-Create or copy the same file name as you see in views into new theme folder. You may modify file content as you wish.
-Design css and that's it.

very easy?

if you like it, help me buy some food. http://flattr.com/thing/652115/Okvee-Web-Start

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