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Parse.com PHP Help please?

[eluser]Tim Brownlaw[/eluser]
Ok I downloaded and installed your script and I found the following...

Yep, you don't have error reporting enabled as it went to town complaining!
FATAL Error: Parse\ParseObject not found in welcome.php line 52 ( I moved things so it is around that ).

1. In your welcome.php

class Welcome extends CI_Controller {

public function __construct()

Use Double Underscores for __construct()... You just had a single one. There was no error reported... I tested that the Constructor was being called with a simple

echo "hi I am the constructor";
The reason I found this was the question - Why wasn't there massive complaints about Parse\ParseClient in the Constructor not being found?

2. The location of your Parse Folder... Move it up one level, which will put it outside of the application folder.

After I found the autoloader in the controllers folder, I got it to echo the actual path.
Once I moved the folder up a level I got the ole Authorization Errors and not the FATAL I cannot find Parse\ParseClient....

3. I see you have a Parse Folder with an Internal Folder with NO Files and a parse folder with just an internal folder with the Files.
I moved the parse/internal (lower case folder name parse) files into the Parse/internal folder (upper case folder name Parse) and deleted the whole parse folder.

So I now get as far as...

( ! ) Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Parse\ParseException' with message 'unauthorized' in /home/ciparsedebug/public_html/Parse/ParseClient.php on line 259
( ! ) Parse\ParseException: unauthorized in /home/ciparsedebug/public_html/Parse/ParseClient.php on line 259

Which I am guessing is a good thing Smile


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