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Poll: Which PHP version features should CI 4 target?
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20 23.26%
11 12.79%
43 50.00%
5.3 (unsuported already)
1 1.16%
This should depend on dev process
11 12.79%
Total 86 vote(s) 100%
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Which PHP 5.X version should be considered as Required

(This post was last modified: 04-07-2015, 04:39 AM by sv3tli0.)

This is hard point of discussion. 
Each PHP major version 5.4, 5.5, 5.6 has its own nice things.

Here is short description of latest 3 major versions changelog:

Quote:The key features of PHP 5.4.0 include:
  • New language syntax including Traitsshortened array syntax and more

  • Improved performance and reduced memory consumption

  • Support for multibyte languages now available in all builds of PHP at the flip of a runtime switch

  • Built-in webserver in CLI mode to simplify development workflows and testing

  • Cleaner code base thanks to the removal of multiple deprecated language features

  • Many more improvements and fixes
Changes that affect compatibility:

Quote:The key features of PHP 5.5.0 include:
Changes that affect compatibility:
  • PHP logo GUIDs have been removed.

  • Windows XP and 2003 support dropped.

  • Case insensitivity is no longer locale specific. All case insensitive matching for function, class and constant names is now performed in a locale independent manner according to ASCII rules.


Quote:The main features of PHP 5.6.0 include:

PHP 5.6.0 also introduces changes that affect compatibility:
  • Array keys won't be overwritten when defining an array as a property of a class via an array literal.

  • json_decode() is more strict in JSON syntax parsing.

  • Stream wrappers now verify peer certificates and host names by default when using SSL/TLS.

  • GMP resources are now objects.

  • Mcrypt functions now require valid keys and IVs.
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