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Poll: Which PHP version features should CI 4 target?
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20 23.26%
11 12.79%
43 50.00%
5.3 (unsuported already)
1 1.16%
This should depend on dev process
11 12.79%
Total 86 vote(s) 100%
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Which PHP 5.X version should be considered as Required

(04-09-2015, 06:47 AM)Muzikant Wrote: Do not think only on functions. Think also on security issues. There is only one (not very good) reason why to use obsolete PHP versions. If you have old code which works and you do not want to touch it. One of my friends have on web hosting PHP 4.4, because the code of his application was wrote almost 10 years ago. But if you are making something new, you should not use obsolete PHP versions. In a few years, the PHP 5.6 will be the standard almost everywhere. And where not, those places should be avoided.

I agree. Like you say, not wanting to touch old code is a very bad reason for not updating.

One note: an older officially supported PHP version != obsolete version.

A good provider offers most/all supported PHP versions. Unfortunately I did not always choose my clients hosting providers and quite a few of the do not offer the latest version(s). I try to convince them to go to another provider, but they do not always listen... and I think we are from the same country. Wink

What I suggest: Just see at what time CI4 is released and just let it support the at that moment officially supported versions.
Me happy, my clients happy.

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