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Use Parts From Symfony, Laravel etc

(04-14-2015, 05:47 PM)dmyers Wrote:
(04-14-2015, 11:16 AM)mlantz Wrote:
(04-14-2015, 11:09 AM)dmyers Wrote: I think one of the nice things about CodeIgniter is the fact you get a complete managed package in a single ZIP file.
I agree there are great PHP packages out there but, I don't think CodeIgniter should become just another symfony package wrapper with a CodeIgniter "flavor".
That said since the team has limited resources and can't design "everything".
I think it should loss a little weight (another thread) and make it so using 3rd party packages (packagist, sparks2, etc...)
if the developer wants is easier.

Don Myers

I agree, you more or less can using composer, so the optimal future of CodeIgniter is to have the system be able to be dropped and have the system elements loaded via composer, this gives developers to freedom to use doctrine, or eloquent inside a codeigniter application, or pull in blade or twig, while also not having to manually stip out parts of codeigniter, or have codeigniter parts that are essentially dead code that is never used in an application. Its mostly an organizational suggestion of having the system directory turned into composer loaded structures, or at least having the option to go with the ZIP or composer based.

Say have composer create-project use a full build with all system parts loaded via composer, then have the ZIP file be a "compiled" version of the stack.

So are you saying CodeIgniter should continue to create it's own classes but put them on composer? It is already. That's actually how I install it. https://packagist.org/packages/codeigniter/framework. I also use a few other composer packages with a few wrappers. They already know they could make there loader better using newer techniques (another thread). Here is a video I shot for my CI framework which uses composer to install CI and my framework https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lM6j6Xc0...e=youtu.be


Are you saying you think they should just use everyone else's libraries like every other framework and just put a "CodeIgniter" flavor wrapper around it? Because you stated earlier "Laravel made a smart move using some stuff developed by others to build a solid foundation." Can you even install Laravel without composer? Even their new "micro framework" Lumen needs another 10.3mb's of "extras" in the vendor folder.


Close, Laravel is structured with the application is the shell, where the framework is Illuminate or at least the parts are, the idea here would be to have each component of the system directory be a separate package, this way should one choose to they could run a build of codeigniter via composer which would pull each of these packages in, and the application would run with these packages now loaded


A developer who is not interested in composer methods could simply download a "packaged" version of Codeigniter which would have the latest elements at the time of packaging

This would make updating considerably less cumbersome for active composer using devs, it also enables developers to swap out components of the core framework, say drop the zip library and parser etc, this way devs can even slim down CI if they chose to, and pull in alternatives if they wanted to.

FYI this is just a concept, if we're talking about the future of CI4 it needs to be much more modern, meaning easily unit testable, and more cleanly integrated with dependancy management, even within the framework core, and have a well structured CLI component that can help optimize or expand an application.

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