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Adding standalone blog

Thanks, using
PHP Code:
<?php include(FCPATH."/blogger/blog.php"); ?>
worked but now I have another problem.
The blog config file contains this
PHP Code:
if ($installed!='yes') { 
$connBl mysqli_connect($CONFIG["hostname"], $CONFIG["mysql_user"], $CONFIG["mysql_password"], $CONFIG["mysql_database"]);
 if (
mysqli_connect_errno()) {
'MySQL connection error: .'.mysqli_connect_error());

// function that replace SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE sql statements
sql_result($sql) {
       echo "connBL = ".$connBl;die();
$sql_result mysqli_query ($connBl$sql) or die ('Could not execute MySQL query: '.$sql.' . Error: '.mysqli_error($connBl));

and in the sql_result function, somehow global $connBl is empty so I get an error fetching the results from the database but there's no error connecting to the DB, mysqli_connect_error() returns no error.
Now what's interesting is that I don't get that error and the blog displays fine if I access to it directly from the URL (mysite.com/blog/blog.php) but inserting it into a view makes the global variable not working. Is that a CI thing?

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