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default_controller routing with varibles broken

(06-12-2015, 12:18 PM)CroNiX Wrote: The default controller is only called when going to the "homepage" of your site, IE http://yourhost.com. You shouldn't need to pass parameters to the controller/method for the homepage. Just do that in the home/index controller/method.

Thanks for your reply, as stated previously in my post I'm generating routes and caching them in a file. This is beside the point, the functionality has been changed from that of CI2 and also away from the current documentation for routing meaning that you cannot use the same notation to format route requests as normal non default_controller routes.

If you've got a big site manually pulling out each route in a database call for routing isn't ideal, nor is it scalable. The architecture i've chosen is to cache routes into a custom generated "cache/routes.php" file and if the slug is equal to "index" which is my home / default page then it uses this as the default route.

I do not want to be repeating code for one instance due to the fact that the functionality has been changed away from the docs and it doesn't work. We could sit here all day working out hacks to bypass bugs in CI i've been doing it for years now, but this is core functionality which shouldn't be messed with.

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