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CRUDigniter - Codeigniter auto code generator for CRUD

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(09-14-2015, 05:08 AM)yashd87 Wrote: crudigniter.com

Hello everyone,

We have developed a code generator for Codeigniter. It will generate CRUD code automatically from the SQL file.

Following are the features of the application :
  1. Generate CRUD code from SQL
  2. Automatically apply CI form validation rules from database data types of columns (as of now, only numeric but would love to take in inputs here from the community)
  3. Add form validation rules manually and also delete rules
  4. Download generated code as a ZIP archive
  5. View DB schema  

This is still in the initial stages and would like to get your valuable suggestions, criticism and feedback.

PS : We love Codeigniter and we have been developing in CI for the past 7 years now. We have seen it evolve a lot and still remain loyal to CI. This is our way of giving back to the community that made this framework awesome ! This tool is completely free to use Smile


Looks great. One doubt, why you check post with $_POST variable instead $this->input->post that check isset too, returns null if no has elements and has xss filter?

In addition to this, sometimes there are fields that you don't want added some field beause has default value, fileds like updated_at, created_at... Maybe must to be an option to discard fields.

Finally a personal opinion, put model name at model functions i think that is not necessary, if model is called Companies_model $this->companies_model->getRows() is enough and $this->companies_model->get_all_companies() is redundant.

I think are a little details but the tool is fantastic.

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