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CI Community Startup and Addon Apps

My idea is pretty simple.
With coming of CI 4 we can think over making some startUp/addon apps which can be build by CI Community. 

Very often when a new project starts it involves some common components as Autholization, Cart, Blog, Forum etc.. 
As CI idea is to not put such things directly at the framework (which is good idea).
I think that we can think on building such CI apps which can be used by developers for fast building of new sites.

For example of Addon Apps: 
1 app (addon) - CI Users - base for an authentication system ( registration + login + profile settings ). Really simple but ready for use of who wants it.. (requires admin area for management)
2 app (addon) - CI Admin Area - basic Admin panel for management. (Stand Alone or it can requires CI Users for Authentication)
3 app (addon) - CI Posts (requires admin area for management)
4 app (addon) - CI Products (requires admin area for management)
5 app (addon) - CI Installer - Small system that have ready to be used tools for setting up a CI application. (Folder permissions , DB setup and others.)
... others

Example of Startup Apps:
1 app - CI Blog (small app) - Customised Frontend + CI Admin + CI Users + CI Posts + CI Installer  ( almost ready WP ).. 
2 app - CI Products Listing (middle app) -  Customised Frontend + CI Admin + CI Products + CI Installer (can be added and + CI Users).
3 app - CI Shop (large app) - .. no need to list all possibleoptions  
... Others

I don't want to invoke the CI staff on development of those start UP apps, they should be build by the Community (of course any help wont be rejected).
My idea is that CI staff team should approve those apps (as QA) and they should be publish as official CI Community apps.

At the moment there are many of many customised versions of Auth systems for CI , CRUD systems for CI, Blogs  and etc..
But they are not related directly to CI and often they have too many customisations ..
With making that, we will be able to focus all developers to contribute to CI Community apps and with that I think that this can finally help in contribution to CI Framework at the same time all Developers who are starting a new project will have many options to start not just from scratch ..

Lets say if you want to make one small blog with users, why you need to find America building a new app when you can just start a new CI Blog app and to customised to fit your needs.. 
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