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Updated News Tutorial

Hi everyone,

I have been struggling with the news tutorial.
has anyone been able to make it work, from beginning to the end?

I have followed it to the letter (copy/paste everything) but the links to the individual news do not work.
I continued to the end and the success page does not display (after an entry, the form clears and reloads)

I am sure that smart folks here have identified the error in the code, as presented in the tutorial, and made the whole thing work.

If it is possible .... if you made the code correction/s and it everything now works for you, would you mind posting the codes here?

I noticed elsewhere in the forum many people having problem with it -- wonder if those in admin tried the code themselves --as is presented -- and see where improvement/s in the coding could be updated.

CI is a very nice framework, and it's a shame that newbies move on because they could not get a very basic tutorial to work -- not due to lack of understanding of it, but because the code as is presented does not work.

Personally, I will not give up -- I know there are many kind and helpful folks on this forum and somehow I will get the assistance to make the tutorial work. When that time comes I will then post the corrected posts for others to benefit from.

Thank you all.
CI is the best framework for me - period

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