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Using CodeIgniter as git submodule . . .


Have you ever tried using CodeIgniter as git submodule?

I use CodeIgniter as main framework for more projects/webs/apps. It's very easy to update CI to higher version. Just overwrite system folder and make some minor changes. Great flow. But I use some libraries and helpers made by me (micro ORM, debug helpers). It si very annoying to copy every changes, which I make to all these libraries, across all pages. 

This is leading me to an idea. I'm going to reorder folder structure like this:

- application/
-- config/
-- controllers/
-- core
-- errors
-- helpers
-- hooks/
-- language/
-- libraries/
-- models/
-- third_party/
-- views/
- user_guide/
- submodule/
-- application/
--- config/
--- controllers/
--- core
--- errors
--- helpers
--- hooks/
--- language/
--- libraries/
--- models/
--- third_party/
--- views/
-- index.php
-- license.txt
-- system/
--- cache/
--- core/
--- database/
--- fonts/
--- helpers/
--- language/
--- libraries/
--- logs/
-- user_guide/
- index.php

As you can see, whole CI is isolated in submodule/. Now I can handle all content as a separate project and distribute as a git submodule. But .... I'm not sure if it si possible to correctly set the paths without differing with "submodule". I'm going to try.

Have you anybody tried something similar? Have any previous experience?

Thanks for your answers.

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Using CodeIgniter as git submodule . . . - by Sezu - 03-17-2016, 05:48 AM

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