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Validation callback bug?

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Hello team CodeIgniter developers, I would first like to thank you guys for the work done to build this framework.

Would you like to post a bug I found in the validation of the data using a callback function.

When I try to use a callback function to assist in my validations.

The message that appears, appears in this way and does not work:

"There is no error message to the field with the name user_email (check_email).";

NOTE: Check_email is my callback function ...

After much searching on the internet, I found this in a forum:


1. Create MY_Form_validation.php file in the libraries folder and paste the following code in it.

PHP Code:
if (! defined 'BasePath')) exit ( 'No direct script access allowed');
MY_Form_validation extends CI_Form_validation

run ($ module '', $ group '')
Is_object ($ module)) AND $ this-> CI = & $ module;
parent :: run ($ group);

And change
PHP Code:
if ($this->form_validation->run() == FALSE)

to if ($this->form_validation->run($ this) == FALSE
that's all folks ..

The link to the forum is this:

Sorry if I was not clear, it is that I am from Brazil and do not speak English, I am using Google translator.

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