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[split] Debug toolbar? <CI4 is under development?>

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Docs says *The Debug Toolbar is still under construction with several planned features not yet implemented.* and I am very aware of it.
Recently I set up Vagrant virtualbox environment to try out PHP7 and CI4. I am facing wrong time measure in debug bar. It is $totalTime variable from file 'system/Debug/Toolbar/View/toolbar.tpl.php' ln. 13. It is showing period that is ~100x shorter than real req->res time. For example there is written 2ms and when I check extended list of partial req/res tasks it is ~200 ms and every time variable shows ~100x lesser value than real time spending was. It is the same for {elapsed_time} at the bottom of the welcome_message.php view file but I suppose it is the same value pulled from same variable (although I didn't explore all of the code yet). Image to easier understanding what I am talking about:

[Image: SdLuY6o.png]

In debug bar and at the bottom it is said 1ms but it is clearly pointed that only Bootstrap takes 64ms and so on.

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[split] Debug toolbar? <CI4 is under development?> - by Tpojka - 09-11-2016, 03:10 PM

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