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Looking for security / performance experts

(This post was last modified: 11-28-2016, 01:24 PM by nemeris.)

(11-28-2016, 12:57 PM)PaulD Wrote: Why do you not try a real question here and now. You may get an answer that others might also find useful. Or try stackoverflow or security.stackexchange.com/ etc.

The point is that many hundreds or even thousands of people might read the answer and benefit. Also, how could you be confident if expert A says do this, how can you know if that is right, up to date, or of any alternatives? Communities can help you here, because your question might spark a conversation exploring the topic from many angles.

A single more focussed question is better than multiple questions all thrown in at once. Ask your best, most trying question, the one that will benefit you most first, and lets see how we do with that one first.

Hello Paul,

Stackoverflow only answers very easy questions fast, some of my questions never get an answer even after days, so I have to wait 48 hours to start a bounty and then possibly get a valid answer in 4-5 "days" which an expert can answer in a few minutes.

And here, the senior community (trustable sources) doesn't have enough time, they are busy with other CI stuff or their own life.

And I can only thank them, how can I expect more? because they are doing all of this for free.

Example of some of my questions and the answer

Can I object? No, because they are doing all the hard work and then share it without asking anything from me.

But when I pay, I can at least object and Expect a good answer in a short time.
I'm a little tired of not getting answers or getting half understandable answers. I wanna learn, and this (not getting good/trustable answers in reasonable time) slows it too much that sometimes I just give up.

So I hoped maybe I can find a trustable developer this way who can help me learn faster.

If you know of any other method, websites or trustable resources that I can pay and be sure their answer is valid please let me know.

(the reason I say trustable is because for example I found 2 different articles on the same topic, that say exactly the opposite thing, one said you SHOULD do this, the other said NEVER do this and I don't know which one to trust).

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