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(07-16-2017, 11:30 PM)sv3tli0 Wrote: Wouldn't it be nice if we remove that .php from the name of ci.php ? (as simple as possible)

We have already the env php at the start so in most cases it will work and without calling the php command before the file.. 
#!/usr/bin/env php

"ci" shouldn't be used, so either "CI" or "[c|C]ode[i|I]gniter" or even "ignite/r" ..
This way people will only have to write CI <command> (or max php CI <command>).

I had planned on removing the extension at some point, but hadn't yet looked into the implications on Windows machines, and any other possible conflicts. It's been a decade since I've worked on Windows enough to remember how that would affect things.

What you don't mention is why ci shouldn't be used. Ignite comes across as either cheesy or cocky depending on my mood that day (and yes, it's one that I considered), but the only contradiction I could see with ci was continuous integration, which wouldn't matter whether it was lower or uppercase. And I don't recall ever seeing any CLI function that was named in uppercase, so I think that idea's out.
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