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CI with VueJS

(04-17-2017, 05:36 PM)darell Wrote: Will CI embrace vuejs in the future?
CI shouldn't embrace Vuejs or any frontend tools. CI is good as it is for backend. Vuejs being a simple and so far the best frontend js framework can be used seamlessly with Axios to speak to CI. hence you may not want to us php syntax in your html or frontend script and only uses CI return view('your_view') to load a page with a designated Controller. within the view you have Vuejs and other libraries like Vuex, Vue-router for a SPA app. CI can allow you to integrate V8js to do server-side rendering. Hence you don't need to use certain features of CI such as form helpers and let all your html and templating be handled with Vuejs. This is why it's said that Vuejs handles the view and CI can now be used for only backend. In fact this is how it ought to be but people misunderstood the possibilities PHP offered for working on browsers to use it as a frontend tool. it should never be used as a frontend tool and in fact i will be glad if CI can discard form helpers and html templating and further make it a core backend PHP framework.

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