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[Solved] Database Driven Config Question

(This post was last modified: 08-19-2017, 04:36 PM by wolfgang1983.)

I am working on a config file that I get my contents from database and set them in my config


As you can see below I can require the database file fine,

Is there any way to be able to require codeigniter URI segments

Because currently I have to get segments like this  so would be better if I could use the url in my config file any ideas how to load url helper in my config file below 


PHP Code:
$segments explode('/'trim(parse_url($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], PHP_URL_PATH), '/'));
$numSegments count($segments); 
$segments[$numSegments 3]; 

PHP Code:

= array();

BASEPATH 'database/DB.php');

$db =& DB();

$query $db->get($db->dbprefix 'setting');

foreach (
$query->result_array() as $result) {
$config[$result['item']] = $result['value'];

$segments explode('/'trim(parse_url($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], PHP_URL_PATH), '/'));
$numSegments count($segments); 
$currentSegment $segments[$numSegments 3];

if (
$currentSegment == 'admin') {
} elseif (
$currentSegment != 'admin') {

$lang_query $db->get($db->dbprefix 'language');

if (
$query->num_rows() > 0) {
$config['language']    = strtolower($lang_query->row()->name);
} else {
$config['language']    = 'english';

There's only one rule - please don't tell anyone to go and read the manual.  Sometimes the manual just SUCKS!

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