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Best estimates on 3.x LTS for new project work

(08-17-2017, 11:52 AM)Kaosweaver Wrote: Depends on what you mean by support.  v3 will be used for years (if not a decade+) after v4 comes out.  So there will be a user base and, honestly, its just PHP, so if something isn't working or needs changing - you can either extend the core (or if v3 seems to lose all support you need, just change it yourself)

v4 from v3 will be a clean break (from what I gather) where it will be a project to update to v4 and not just a few fixes here and there.

We had that choice for a large project and went w/v3 because v4 is more pre-alpha than something we'd want to put on a live server (we did however, go with an alpha software elsewhere and that bit us in the butt, so... I really don't recommend it)
Thanks Kaosweaver.  

V3 is a bit more familiar to me as that has been my 'test cell'.  Unslogging my bugs from a  pre-production bug is a recipe for disaster for me - I'm just not that smart yet.  Better the devil I (and y'all) know.  Think I will stay with 3.x track.  

Saw elsewhere that a 2 year support is envisioned for 3 when 4 comes online. Tough to say (here-now) that I'll even need 4.0 which is an altogether different problem for the development team

Regards and Thanks again

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