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Help revive codeigniter 2.x project

Hi there CI members.

As the thread subject says,,
long story short,, after about 6 years and a lot of $ poorer thanks to an dishonest developer I now sit with an incomplete community project.

After setting it up on my localhost I figured it out that it was built with an early version of CI 2.x.

It's up and running now on localhost and xxxxx.db imported to phpMyadmin but as I explained, it's in someways incomplete.

The project is an member community with:
dual language, depending on country on registration,
member registration page,
personal user page with users messages, latest visitors, contacts, adds, diary posts, events and image gallery.
member search page,
friends/contacts page,
private messaging/conversation page,
shoutbox/public message page,
classified add page where users can view/search and post add,
event calender page where users can view/search and post events,

and an administrator page.

Most pages and functions work, but some in wrong order and the administrator page exists in the CI htdocs folder but are not accessible in any way I have tried yet, not through localhost/administrator or through login since the developer has forgotten the admin account login information.

So since it's built with CI this is the only forum I could think of to ask and beg for help/tips/advice on how to get the project up and running again.

The basic plans is to:
get the Admin page to work and be able to login to it, to manage all the content,
make the edit userinformation on the user page to work correctly,
create dependet subcategories in the classified adds page when creating an add,
update the Ci framwork to 3.x.x

I'm no developer or coder myself but a very fast learner, so if there is anyone who can spare some time to help me with tips, guidance, help to interpret some of the coding I would be very very grateful.


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