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(05-07-2018, 04:16 AM)InsiteFX Wrote: Well I see a lot of improvements that can be made.

1) CSS Styles should be moved into there own CSS file.
2) JavaScript methods should also be moved into there own js file.

Where do you plan on taking the site?

What are your Goal's for the site?

My plan is for circlehubb to be a place where individuals can connect with each other based on their interests without having to worry about their information being compromised.  Alternative to larger, more complex, websites.  People would be able to find others with similar interests.

The site is user friendly (at least in my eyes). As far as usability, it is versatile and can be used for many different applications.  A coach can easily communicate with parents and players, or students are able to communicate with their teachers. All this can be done in circle.  PDF forms can be attached to each post.  For general use, people with a specific interests can have ongoing discussions and stay in touch with others.

Not sure if you had a chance to browse through but you can either setup your own circle (group) or join an existing one. 

I do have an android app that has been finished as well.  Did not complete the IOS version yet. 

I was hoping to find someone that can see potential in this site as I do and would be willing to bring in new, fresh, innovative ideas of how to get this website rolling.  I think with some innovative ideas the website could become a lot more popular. 

I do not have a specific marketing plan in mind but that can be addressed when the site is completed and users see a lot of value in the website. 

If you have ideas of how to improve the user experience, have any interests and see potential in the website you can also contact me on my personal email and we can discuss this further.


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