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How to correctly update batch according to post.id

So I currently have three tables.

id, title, description.


id, post_id, term_id

I have a function in which I can easily add terms to any post, the problem comes when I'm trying to update one of the post. Lets say I created a post with ONE term and I publish it, now I want to update it and put more(more than ONE) than the main term into it. 

PHP Code:
$terms $this->input->post('categories[]');;

           $data = array();

           foreach ($terms as $term){
               $data[] = array(
                   'post_id'  => $id,
                   'term_id'  => $term
                   'type'      =>  'category',


The var $id comes from the id of the ci_posts table. As I said before, it currently updates the relationship with ONE term(as said above; from the add function which is not listed here).

And if I create a new post with at least 5 terms(different term_id) when updating it, it changes the term_id(all of them) to the first term_id of the selected terms.

Thanks in advance.
I do Front-End development most of the time 

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How to correctly update batch according to post.id - by kirasiris - 06-24-2018, 06:45 AM

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