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Using CI in "blue-green" deployment

Good morning,

Thanks for the quick responses. I re-read the CI migration docs and also read up on Phinx. Phinx looks like it already does a lot of the same stuff as CI. And not just migrations either - it's a complete API for all things database, that looks (IMO) very similar to CI's. So let me ask you this: Is there any reason to prefer Phinx over what CI comes with "out of the box"? At this point the only real advantage I could see is that Phinx tries to automatically figure out the path to roll back changes if necessary.

But I'm not sure I get what you mean about the config files. I know I can do stuff like:

$_SERVER['foo'] = 'bar';

But I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean by saving config data there. I know putting the config data into the global variable would make it available to my models/controllers, but how does that solve the test vs. production problem?

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