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sending a message from a CI application to a content script

I have a CI application and I also have a Chrome Extension. Sometimes the CI app is run by a user and they don't have the extension installed. Sometimes the Extension is installed and the user is not running the CI app. I now want to allow the Extension to know if the CI app is running on the same PC. 

I ultimately want to pass messages from the CI app to the Extension running in the same copy of Chrome.  I understand that there is a thing called a content script that can be run from the tab where the CI app is run. I can spawn a content_script.js whenever the CI app is running. But my communications between the two is really stupid. The content script can communicate to my Extension's Background script without too much problem. And the background script (part of the extension) can talk to both the popup script and to the server via Ajax. 

The weak point is communicating from the tab running the CI app to the content script. This is because all the examples of this communication are in javascript and I really don't know how to run a javascript command in the CI application. What I'd like to do is to  allow the user to press a button in GroceryCrud (used pretty exstensivly) and send some data in a message from the CI app to the content script. 

Can anyone point me to a document or an example of how to get a CI app to send a message to a content script, or at least how to run a javascript line in CI?
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sending a message from a CI application to a content script - by richb201 - 10-18-2018, 03:14 PM

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