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[HELP] Form submitted even when empty.

(11-22-2018, 12:52 AM)neuron Wrote: When I was new in CI, I implemented my own code to handle user registration and login.
And after sometime more requirements for user actions occured. 
Then I coded some more to meet this requirement. But since I was beginner I made many mistakes and tried to fix it.

This library
failed login attemts,
user activation by email, enable/disable user, 
more than one user groups (admin, user), 
brypt password hashing (I used md5 in my own implementation but later it is not secure enough anymore)
remember me, and resetted when user changes password
and more functionalities that I can't remember now.

I mean you should use this library. If you are beginner you own implementation won't be as good as this library.
You can integrate it later but I suggest you not to wait too long

I totally agree. My only concern is the users' passwords. I've had many people telling me to hash the passwords insteam of md5 and after some time I managed to hash them, but in order to implement the Ion Auth library in my project i want first to understand the code structure etc. since i use Ajax calls, modals for register, login etc.. so..
That's why i ask if it's possible to integrate it later.

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