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Authentication libraries: Two factor auth support

Hey Guys,

I'm currently looking for a good Authentication library with Two factor authentication. 

My main goal is having 2 seperate User tables one for Admins (containing a max of 5-6 users) and another with regular users containing a few thousand users. This due to GDPR regulation point of view.

 So i will have two different Tables (different structure) and also two different login systems.

I've looked ION-auth which looks great but lacks the support of two factor auth,(has a branch with Google Authenticator last updated 2y ago so bit old).


The second library that i've looked at was Aauth, which offers Build in Two factor auth with Google Authenticator. And as far as i can tell seems to have decent security measures.


They both have some advantages and disadvantages, i'm slightly drawn more to Aauth than ION Auth but i don't have experience with neither.

Finally i am considering creating my own authentication library, that is completely customized for my needs and my setup of the project. And look for inspiration in other libraries / plugins / practices.

Yet my main problem is that i didn't have any education in computer science/ development, and i've learned everything i know myself.
I've been working as a php developer for a few years, but when it come to security i'm extremely paranoid. I'm always thinking about "what if this isn't good enough" or will it hold out against attackers ...  Dodgy

Any advice on this matter ? Go custom build? or use a Library that is a 50-60% match ? Or do you know alternative authentication libraries that could be helpful ? Or even good online courses for securing php apps? All suggestions, advice, thoughts are welcome!

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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Authentication libraries: Two factor auth support - by bartMommens - 01-03-2019, 06:32 AM

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