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Using xml files for a web project.

(03-07-2019, 05:37 PM)ciadmin Wrote: Almost ... if base_url('assets/...') is publically accessible, you are exposing your data, which is not good.
A better practice is to map your document root to your "public" folder, put index.php inside that, and to keep any XML data in a separate folder inside the project (or even elsewhere on your server).

- application
- data
 - XML ...
- public
 - assets/images, css, etc
 - index.php
- system

The file is stored there as an example. The real file might be in a separate folder as you mentioned or parsed from a URL. 
The main purpose was to retrieve the data from the XML and pass them to a view file in order to test speed and efficiency.

BUT, i got an XML file with up to 7000+ entries and the page was kinda slow.. (actually REALLY slow!!) What i wanted to be clarified with this discussion is that if that approach, of loading an XML file from a source (file or URL) is good for a page that contains many users and some of them might have some item "feeds" (like posts, or products or something else that can be parsed from XML).

I hope i made myself clear.

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