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PHP extensions needed

(05-28-2019, 02:52 AM)Nombre Imaginaire Wrote: As you see Dave speak about curlib. I browse the web and it's pretty hard to find clear (and updated) instructions. The only thing clear here that it says is kind of optionnal.
But if I don't make mistake if I want to allow user to download .pdf from my CI site I guess I'll need the cURL request to be activated, right ? (or some workaround exists ?)

FYI I work now on local with Wampserver and then I migrate it online on linux server.

Oops! Major typo on my part! I wrote "curlib" when I should have used "libcurl". I have corrected my previous post.

In order to use PHP's cURL extension, you must have libcurl installed on the server.

To install libcurl on a Linux system you will use the package manager (PM). The PM will vary depending on the Linux distribution you have running. Let me know which Linux you're using and I might be able to provide installation instructions. What follows are instructions for one common Linux distribution.

Most Debian/Ubuntu distros use the PM apt. The most recent version on those distros is libcurl4, but libcurl3 will work too because it satisfies PHP's requirement for libcurl version 7.10.5 or later.

To see if libcurl is on your server use the server's CLI  to run this command
sudo apt list --installed | grep -i libcurl

Or you could attempt an install. If it's already there and up-to-date then nothing will change.

First, update the PM with the command
sudo apt update

Then install the libcurl library using the command
sudo apt install libcurl4

All that said, there are other ways to allow users to download from the server without using cURL. For instance, the PHP function readfile.

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