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CurlRequest.php Error

(06-27-2019, 07:40 AM)mightyted Wrote: HI there, I'm fairly novice with the cURL library but I'll share my experience.

I also have had this issue. If you go to the System folder of your CI install, HTTP/CURLRequest.php file, and comment out the default debug config, you can work around it.

protected $config = [

'timeout'         => 0.0,

'connect_timeout' => 150,

//'debug'           => false,

'verify'          => true,


I've been fighting with the CURLRequest library a fair bit. My hope is that the CI team will elaborate more on CURL and how to get it set up. They Base it on the Guzzle CURL library, but I've had a hard time finding comprehensive documentation on how to make everything work. I'm also having issues as I work through a firewall and not all pages can be requested. And it also seems that many of the pages I'm testing on are set up not to respond to CURL requests so I'm a bit hooped.

Good luck.


Thank you so much for your suggestion! Commenting out that bit of code did the trick. 

Have you taken a look at the CI4 User Guide? The information regarding how to actually use the CurlRequest class is pretty detailed.

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