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Suggestions for designing a app

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Thanks jameslittle.
I just tried base64_encode and it looks similar to some other implementations from places like Costco. That is probably the way they implemented it. It will definitely be interacting with a database and built in security is always a good idea. Thank You.

Another more specific question about the applications overall design.
The customers will login to a dashboard at www.ourcompany.com/setupaemailer but the actual url the emailer will provide to send to their customers will be from www.clientdoman.com/link so would it make sense to build a RESTful api at www.ourcompany.com/ to process the it, that way we could just install a small script on each persons website that just relays the link back to our www.ourcompany.com REST API.

I may not be seeing all the ways of solving this design issue.

*edit* it just occurred to me a small javascript file could also serve the same purpose by masking our original domain and forwarding it. I could maybe even use Ajax to make the front end experience more responsive.

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