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Chat between members

Hey community, a beginner here regarding CodeIgniter. I have searched under the chat term in the forums but the results were irrelevant or I wasn't able to find proper threads. So I've decided to join and ask, hope that's OK.

So, what I have is, a website built with CodeIgniter. I am just a web designer mostly working with HTML and CSS/JS, but I've also built a website with CodeIgniter after following basic tutorials, a very basic dating website. Users can register, create accounts, set some info to their profiles, others can see some info only if they are logged in and so on. Works pretty well and it also started gaining a few members. All is free and it's just very basic, for fun.

What I want now, is, a messenger system in which they can send messages to each other, just like you do in Facebook Messenger. I've found some chat systems in GitHub but when I've implemented them they didn't work or I didn't know how to proceed/debug further.

I have also found this: https://codecanyon.net/search/codeigniter%20chat but I am not sure which one to get from there, could you guide me if possible please and share your thoughts about if any of that will work for what I need?

If you are aware of any tuts from where I could get some guiding about this, how to start, I would appreciate that very much. Also, if anyone wants to team up and be part of this, I am gladly opened to it.

Thanks in advance.

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